Welcome to the ARéVi Website

ARéVi stands for Atelier de Réalité Virtuelle, which translates as Virtual Reality Toolkit. ARéVi is a C++ library for the simulation of autonomous entities and 3D rendering. The goal is to provide a tool set to simplify the creation of virtual reality applications. ARéVi provides (among other features):

  • Means to give the entities some activities, scheduling and inter-entities communication;
  • User interaction;
  • 3D objects.

Here is a short technical description of ARéVi.

ARéVi is distributed under the LGPL license.

Starting Points

Around ARéVi

ARéVi was originally developed by Fabrice Harrouet, with some contributions from the  CERV members (the CERV hosts this website). ARéVi is used at the CERV on a daily base. Training students of the  ENIB use it too.

The CERV also uses ARéVi for projects in collaboration with companies such as

The CERV's projects relative to ARéVi are available at One can find:


For the future, here is a wishlist. Feel free to add topics, but this is only a wish list.

How to contribute ?

You can contribute as a programmer, by writing some documentation (or translating it to English) or with a simple user feedback. In all those cases , use to ak questions.